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In a recent project for a client, the client was far too busy to sit down and write up the website content for me to publish on the site for them. As I am a designer and not a copywriter I decided to bring into the project a good friend and associate Roger Waltham who run his own copy-writing business The Wordsmith. This turned out to be a very successful project with a very pleased client at the end.

Again it brings round my ideals of using the correct people for the correct job.

You don’t get a electrician to do your plumbing do you!

So if you need a new website and are struggling to find the time or inclination to write the website copy, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will arrange a meeting with myself and Roger to discuss your needs or if you feel you just need some copy-writing skill contact The Wordsmith  yourself. Just tell him how you found him!

P.S. Waiting for Roger to tell me what spelling or grammar mistakes I have made in this post! 😉

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