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Is your website ready for Google’s new Mobile Friendly Algorithm?

Google’s new algorithm has been fully launched now and is giving NON MOBILE friendly websites negative search results. This could mean that your site is not appearing where it ought to be.

Why is my site not mobile friendly?

Well, the internet and technology moves at an incredible speed and the massive introduction of mobiles and tablets has completely changed the way people are now accessing the internet.

Therefore a lot of websites that are just a couple of years old are now not mobile friendly.

You can check your website here to see how google sees it. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

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What can I do if it is not mobile friendly?

Get in contact. If you have a system like WordPress as your website engine, the change to a mobile friendly theme is not too exhaustive and I can make it Mobile friendly without have to rewrite all your content.

And even though Google’s new algorithm is out and live it hasn’t got to all websites yet, so you can get things sorted before your ranking is effected.

What else can I do to improve your website ranking?

This bit is actually really easy, but if you have a website you will get contacted many times by SEO EXPERTS who will sell you a load of ‘oldb**l’

The best way to increase your ranking is with your CONTENT. CONTENT IS KING. Again I have several tools I can add to sites to help you do this yourselves and save money in doing so.

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