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All the websites I build are built using Content Management Systems so my clients can manage their own content, without having to come back to me or other developers to make changes to their sites. This is so commercially positive, because over time it saves a lot of money.

But the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) part of maintaining a site is a little more tricky. I offer one to one training on how to do the SEO work yourself and can add different plug-ins and components to help you DIY the SEO.

I do find many companies get trapped by SEO specialists! Who bombard them with Statistics and huge amounts of data that looks like a lot of work, but I know most of this information is automatically generated and easy to manipulate. Come and have a chat if you want to know more about this.

get-to-number-1-on-googleHowever there are times when you are running a SEO campaign when things do get a little bit too much for you to manage yourself. Especially when it comes to the analysis of keywords and choosing the correct ones. Here is where I have an existing client, I-THREE, who are experts in number crunching! Alasdair Robertson who runs i-three offers effective keyword analysis and makes a little more sense out of the complex analysis of this area; including forecasting when key words will be good value for money and when to invest in keywords. Feel free to contact him for more information on this.

I also point my clients to two other resources. Obviously the first is Google Analytic and the second it a little book I have found really good and explaining it simply; Getting to Number One on Google by  Ben Norman.


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