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E-Commerce – Sell your stuff directly on your own website

Aumworks makes selling your goods or services easy by using standard and simple e-commerce solutions.

Firstly, for a basic selling of services or limited items, you do not need to invest in an “all singing, all dancing shopping cart solution”. You could easily use a simple paypal solution. This makes getting online and selling much much easier.

If your needs are more complex, then you will need a shopping cart solution and there are many on the market at present with a variety of costs and options.


http://www.paypal.co.ukWe can offer a number of payment processors – your choice, however to start a shop from scratch, we recommend using Paypal initially due to the simplicity and reduced costs of setting up an E-commerce site with that interface. It is extremely safe to use and one of the largest payment processors in the market. Other payment processors can be used, like WorldPay or Sagepay, but the interfacing may add some additional costs to the project. Call us for more information.

Due to the complexity and ongoing work required to keep an e-commerce website running free of problems, please call Aumworks to find out what is involved and how we can provide the answers for you.

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