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GDPR Policy & Privacy Policy

Processing Information

We only process the information, that we have been supplied using the Contact Forms and Newsletter subscriptions, for sharing information and Marketing from Aumworks alone. We only use this information to allow us to perform our services which are listed on our main website.

Type of Information Processed

Here are the following lists of information that we store for communication purposes.

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Business Address
  • Project Information
  • Content for Design Work
  • Email Communications

Sharing Data

We do not share any stored data with any third parties.

Storing of Data

General Contact information is store on our local systems and synced using encryption across the icloud for usage on our electronic devices only. All our devices are locked with the latest on board system security provided. No third parties have any access to this information. Our Newsletter contact information  is stored on MAILCHIMP and you can see their Privacy Policy here. We do not store any personal data on our website.

Breach of Security

In the unlikely event of a security breach. The following protocol will be followed.

  1. Immediate change of all system passwords on notification of a breach.
  2. Notification of the breach to all Newsletter signup list members and Client List Members.
  3. Investigation of the breach and control of the problem.
  4. Report Breach

Our systems are backed up using our local secure system and our website is backed up using the Hosting Company backup system. This is full secured to our login details only. Any breach of this system would not allow access to any personal data as we do not store any on our website.

Ongoing Security Audit

We are currently auditing our systems and third party application to see GDPR compliance. A report will follow.

Removal of Data

If you believe we are storing data on you and you wish it to be removed. We will be happy to search through all our records and remove all information we have stored and report that removal back to you. This will obviously remove you from any further communications from Aumworks. If you receive any Email Information Communication that we send out using Mailchimp, please click to unsubscribe on the email itself or again contact us to remove you permanently. All of the data we store has only ever been submitted to us and not collected from any other source.

Ongoing Consent of Submitted Data

We will be changing our contact forms and newsletter joining forms to allow you to give affirmative consent to giving us your information and storing it. More information on this will follow.

Cookie Consent

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Further Information

If you have any concerns of this please do not hesitate to contact us.